Unlimited Personal Coaching and Training

for 12 months

Using the Secrets of Authentic Yoga

Yoga for Happiness Academy is thrilled to offer unlimited one-on-one personal coaching and training for 12 FULL months based on the science of Yoga,

Whether you are looking to...

  • Relieve Your Stress
  • Sleep Better
  • Heal from Injury
  • Heal from Backache
  • Be More Productive
  • Lose weight
  • Eat More Healthy
  • Cope With Loss
  • Come Out of Depression
  • Manage Anxiety Attacks
  • Find New Happiness
  • Find Inner Peace
  • or Any Other Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Goals
  • Learn correct pronounciation of Samskritam (Sanskrit) sounds
  • Practice some Chants
  • Learn Bhagavad Gita (An Authentic text on Yoga)
  • Understand Yogic way of living
  • Fundamentals of Yoga-Poses
  • Take your Yoga-Practice or Teaching to the next level
  • And so much more….

Why do you need Coaching?

Because, coaching provides all the 4 keys needed to achieve any goal in life.

  • Having Absolute Clarity
  • Creating the Right Strategy
  • Changing your Focus
  • Having a Mentor, Teacher and a Trainer who has what you want

Why Coach and Train with Shanthi?

Because, Shanthi is 2 in 1. She can coach as wells as train.


What does this mean?

Life coaches, generally, do not need expertise in any specific technology. They must be just able to motivate you, give you ideas and hold you accountable so that you are taking positive steps towards your goal.


But Shanthi will not only do everything a life coach can do, but will also train you in the specific technology of the science of Yoga. She can train you in Yoga-exercises, Yoga-poses, Breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques, Conscious eating, Conscious thinking and living.


Thus the time-tested Authentic Yoga is used as a means to achieve your goal in life in physical, emotional, intellectual, social or spiritual wellness.


Shanthi has been leading a healthy and happy life without a need for doctors or medicines to maintain health. She has been teaching the science of Yoga full time for the last 14 years, but it has been a part of her life for more than 38 years.




How can Shanthi help take my Yoga-Practice or Teaching to the next level?

Shanthi can help take your Yoga-Practice or Teaching to the next level, because,


Shanthi has been living and breathing Yoga since her childhood.


Shanthi has been offering Yoga-Teacher Training programs and she knows that understanding Yoga Authentically will take both the students and the teachers to their next level in Yoga.  


Shanthi is well versed in Samskritam (Sanskrit), the language of Yoga. It is her home-language and her daughter's mother tongue.


Shanthi has studied Bhagavad Gita from her teen age.


Always a wonderful experience with Shanthi! She's truly gifted as a Yoga-teacher trainer and a coach. If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life or to help others achieve the same, Yoga for Happiness Academy is an ideal starting point. Shanthi is truly a teacher of teachers.

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The Carrington Agency

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Why invest in the Unlimited Coaching and Training NOW?

Being unlimited coaching and training, this program cannot be offered indefinitely to many people.


Also, it cannot be offered at this low investment level, because, the private coaching and training students pay $997 for a SINGLE VIP day with Shanthi or $497 for a month of coaching and training. So $997 for 1 year of unlimited services is a "STEAL".



In order to offer a tremendous value to a few committed people, this program  is open for ONLY 10 people (5 spots left). 


How does this program work?

  • After you register for the program, you will get an email with a link to Shanthi’s calendar so that you can have your first coaching and training session together.


    We’ll start with 30 Minutes to Set the Stage, discussing

     Your Biggest Challenge
     What keeps you up at night

     Your aspirations and goals
     The results you want, that you don’t have
     The results you have that you don’t want
     Solutions
     Next Step


  • You get unlimited 15-minute laser coaching and training sessions with Shanthi for a full year


  • On each session, we agree on your homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next session, which may include: some observation, introspection, journal entry, small action steps, practising what you have learned, developing new success habits, practice of Yoga tools sent, and the like. NOTE: Both you and Shanthi must agree on the homework, so, don’t worry! You won’t get too much.




  • Based on your needs, you may also receive audios of healing treatments in the form of guided meditation, videos of breathing exercise, Yogic exercise or a pose, or audios of explanation of certain values and attitudes, whatever will help you move closer to your goals.

  • After each call, you will receive an email with your homework, and a link to schedule your next call.

  • This will continue for a full year






Are 15 minutes sufficient for an interaction? Don't we need an hour?  

  • A lot can be achieved in 15 minutes if we become laser focused on assessing your current situation and figuring out the next step. It is the quality NOT the quantity that matters.

  • You are entitled to unlimited number of 15 minute calls. So if you do not get to discuss something in the time slot, you can finish your homework, schedule another call, and initiate the discussion.

  • These calls can be over phone or Skype. So you can learn some poses or Yogic exercises during the 15 minute session.  Video calls are the next closest to meeting in person.

  • Apart from the time during the call, you will also receive relevant training audios, videos, or documents through email as part of your coaching and training. 


15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is the guarantee… Attend the first 30 minute “Set the Stage” call. Then schedule as many 15 minute laser coaching and training sessions as you want after completing the simple assigned homework. If during our first 15 days together you don’t think this is exactly what you need to move your life forward or take your Yoga to the next level, then just let us know and we’ll refund your money immediately minus a small processing fee of $75.

No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.

What is the investment for the Unlimited Coaching and Training?

The investment for the Unlimited Coaching and Training is only


The investment breaks down to around $83/month for UNLIMITED access to Shanthi.
But this is only available until the 5 available spots are filled (5 spots have already been claimed)

Remember that the private students pay $997 for a SINGLE VIP day with Shanthi. Even other Yoga trainers charge $85 to $100 for a single hour of training in mostly their version of Yoga-poses.

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Yes, I am ready to FINALLY end my struggles and take committed positive action.

I am not struggling with any challenges, but I am ready to move to the next level in my Yoga practice or teaching.


I know I can do this with the support of Shanthi and her expertise in Yoga-Training and Coaching.

I understand that I have unlimited coaching and training with Shanthi for 1 year.

If I don't like the program in the first 15 days, I am entitled to a refund.


Pay using PayPal CREDIT or with any Credit or Debit Card