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Talk to us - Open House

Thanks for your interest in our Training ...

 We usually host a open house for this.


But since the DIGITAL + ONLINE  + IN-PERSON training program is new, people like you are having a lot of questions, concerns, fear, and confusion.


So we thought it would be best to talk to you personally over phone so that you understand clearly, the flexibility this program provides and the various options you have.


Know that there is NO obligation to register for the training just because you talk to Shanthi. If it is not the right thing for you, she will say so, as we want only those trainees who are the best fit for this unique program.

So, please use the booking button at the bottom to schedule a call.  If you have difficulty using it, you may write to "Namaste@YogaforHappiness.com".


Our first batch of Founding Members will be limited to just 25 people. They get additional personal time with Shanthi on a regular basis, and FREE access to a digital home-study course called Yoga-Laasyam, the Yoga-Dance-Story alchemy, a $297 priced program. Check out this course at www.YogaforHappiness.us


If you want to be one of the 25, you would want to talk to us.


Even if you don't want to do the complete training, but want some exposure to authentic Yoga, or go to the next level in Yoga or your spiritual life, or looking for a solution for your problems, DO plan to talk to Shanthi by clicking on the button below.


She will give you, your NEXT step that you have been waiting for, even if it is not the teacher training program.  Shanthi is giving you this as a gift, since you have come to this page. 


Spots are limited. So grab yours TODAY!


Looking forward to talking to you...

Schedule Your Phone or Skype Appointment HERETo learn about the various options. It is FREE with NO strings attached...

For any other questions write to namaste@YogaforHappiness.com