Yoga-Teacher Training

( The Yoga-Shaastram Way)

Ancient Yoga-Shaastram in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form

All You Need is Just 2-Yoga-Minutes to Change Your Life and That of Your Students ...

This Yoga-training is very unique and one-of-a-kind. You can search the entire net for  a training that offers a syllabus with Yoga-topics as comprehensive as this, along with fully paid-for world-class meals and stay during the 8-day in-person retreat. We are sure you will not be able to find one. 

Not only in the syllabus is this program unique but also in the mode of delivery. It has the unique combination of digital, online and in-person, which you cannot find anywhere.

Yet, you will be asked to invest only a fraction of the value of the training. The earlier you apply, the more value you get for your investment.

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Digital-Only Yoga-Training 

Yoga-Teacher Training

Total Value  of In-Person Training with Bonuses                  = $26100

Total Value  of 8-Module Digital Training with Bonuses = $18352

Total Combined Value                                                        = $44452

Your Investment is ONLY $6170 

(Includes Stay, Food & Training for 8 days)

If Paid in Full, it is ONLY $5970 

Plus "YogaLaasyam" Digital Video Training (Priced at $297) Absolutely FREE. 
(For details on this CLICK HERE)

With 7 bonuses for the Digital-Only Yoga-Training and 13 bonuses for the Yoga-Teacher Training, you have everything you need to benefit completely from the training.

There are 2 categories of people who get additional discount:

 If you have already done a teacher training program and have a Yoga-certification to teach, you get additional discount. 

If you commit to teaching your community in your local language like Spanish, Portuguese etc. you get additional discount. 

You can get cash through our referral program.

You earn "Cash Referral Bonus" whenever a person you refer joins our program. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Inviting You to the

Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training Program

Be a Founding Member!

You can join this unique training anytime; but if you are one of the first 25 people who join this training, then you become a "Founding Member" and get additional benefits such as:

1.  Participation in online Q&A calls for 2 years after you complete the training 

2. Opportunity to join as a lead coach and teaching faculty after completion of the training

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