Application Process

This Yoga-Teacher training is very unique and one-of-a-kind. You can search the entire net for  a training that offers a syllabus with Yoga-topics as comprehensive as this, with the convenience of learning Authentic Yoga-Science in your own space at your own pace. We are sure you'll not be able to find one. 


This also means that it is NOT for EVERYONE. Very few people will have the dedication and commitment it takes to learn, practice and teach authentic Yoga-Shaastram.


It is a HUGE responsibility to teach Yoga-Science the authentic way once you graduate. You will be asked to take a very different approach to practicing and teaching. You may have to totally abstain from certain tendencies that are purely driven by egoism and profit motive.


You will NOT be able to teach the way other Yoga-studios are teaching in the US, most of which may be "NON-Yoga".


 Therefore, it is our duty to make sure that you are really ready for this type of training and that we are a good fit for each other.


So the application process is also a little elaborate.



Download the Yoga Teacher Training Application HERE


STEP 2: 

 Submit the filled application along with a non-refundable fee of $75 (Once you are accepted into the program and you join, you will be credited back $25 and $50 will be retained as processing fee). The button for payment is below.


STEP 3: 

 Once your application is reviewed and your registration is approved, you will be scheduled an interview (in-person or video call) with Shanthi. If you have already spoken to Shanthi before submitting the application, then you may or may not need an interview. 



Your registration will get finalized at that time or through email and you can pay in FULL or choose the payment plan (Disregard this step if you already paid in full or made a payment arrangement)



Download the following 3 documents, read them thoroughly, sign them electronically or print, scan and send them to us via email or if you come in person, we'll give you the printed copies. You can sign them and give them to us right away. Make sure, you have read them beforehand to save time. If you are scheduling an in-person interview with us, these can be signed at that time in one visit.


Download the Yoga Teacher Training Contract HERE


Download the Yoga Teacher Training Copyright Disclaimer HERE


Download the Yoga Teacher Training Liability Waiver HERE



 Begin the process for submitting at least 2 recommendation letters from people who know you well other than your family. ( The recommendation letters can be sent to us via email. They should reach us within 1 week from the day your registration is accepted)


STEP 7: 

Read our training policy below.

If you have any questions write to

For our policy on Registration, Refund, Withdrawal, Re-Enrollment, Incompletion, Cancellation by us, and Student Grievances, please click HERE