Spirituality through Yoga Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for stopping by! Even though we have put a LOT of information about the Spirituality through Yoga Training, we understand that you may still have questions.


If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you may email to us at Namaste@YogaforHappiness.com. We'll answer you and add that question to this page. Thus by asking questions, you are helping others too.


Where the answers are short, we have given them directly below the question. Where the answers are long, we have shown the question and have given provision for you to click the "+" sign to read the answer. 

  • q-iconI am interested in ONLY Yoga poses. Is your Spirituality through Yoga program a good fit for me?

    NO! You should find a different Yoga program.
    Though we cover a lot of physical movement, please know that it is not the only aspect we cover. We train our students so that they can incorporate authentic Yoga in their life in just 2 minutes which requires a solid understanding of Yoga.
  • q-iconI live far away from you. Can I still do your Spirituality through Yoga program?

    YES! It is completely a digital and online program. It is only if you are interested to become a Yoga teacher that you have to attend the in-person training for 8 days. 
  • q-iconI don’t feel comfortable learning Yoga from Shanthi since I am culturally very different. Also I believe that I can learn Yoga without connecting it to Bhaaratam (India), as Yoga is universal. Will I fit into your training?

    NO! You can’t if that is how you are thinking about Yoga.
    Yoga is a science of how to live. There is NO way to understand Yogic lifestyle WITHOUT understanding the lifestyle of the country. The best way to understand the connection between Yogic lifestyle and lifestyle of Bhaaratam (India) is to learn from someone who has been raised there and who has mastered Yoga. So Shanthi is the best person to learn Yoga from.
    We hope you will reconsider your decision.
  • q-iconI work full time. How much time do I have to dedicate for this digital program?

    You will need around 1 hour to watch the video; 1 additional hour if you need to pause the videos at places for note-taking; 1 hour to do assignments if you want to. Only for the Yoga teacher training program, assignments are mandatory. It is OPTIONAL for you to send your assignments to Shanthi and seek her feedback.


    Additionally, once a month there will be a Question-Answer call. You may choose to attend this or listen to the recording later.


    Remember that there is NO rush whatsoever for you to finish watching the videos within a time frame. They are available to your for life. You can always work around your schedule. You can dedicate as much time as you are able to. 
  • q-iconI want to do the entire training with Shanthi, but only in person. What should I do?

    Thanks for your interest in training with Shanthi !

    We have done completely in-person training in the past and we WILL do in future. Right now, only Yoga teacher trainees get 8 full days of in-person training with Shanthi, living with her. If you want in-person time with Shanthi, consider being part of the Yoga teacher certification program.


    We have found that you can get the best training by learning many topics digitally and then discussing them through private forum and month Q&A session. This way, you can watch the teachings over and over again. So you are getting more NOT less than other programs out there.
  • q-iconI have no Yoga experience at all. Can I still do this program?

    Absolutely! You will learn everything from the basics in this program. So no need to worry! All you need is tremendous commitment to learn authentic Yoga and grow through it.