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From the Heart of Shanthi Yogini...

Did you know that you can Heal Your Body, Mind and Aatmaa through the Powerful Vibrations of the Ancient Language of Samskrtam?

Did you know that the entire universe is nothing but vibrations and that includes your own body and mind?

That is why sound, which is also vibrations, can affect your body and mind  positively or negatively.

Our First Attempt 

Honestly, we should have done this project in 2013, when we were inviting people to come in person to Philadelphia for a residential camp to learn Samskrtam from Shanthi.

At that time, we spent a lot of money on a company which promised to send an email to thousands who were teaching some aspects of Yoga-Shaastram (meaning Yoga-Science). After the email was sent, a few responded with lot of resistance. They felt that it was fine to pronounce the Samskrtam words however they wanted. 

They felt entitled to treat Samskrtam words like English and felt offended when pointed out to them that doing so would amount to misappropriation of Yoga-Science. So, that project didn’t work out well. Even now, many spiritual teachers and chanters feel the same when their pronunciation is pointed out.

Would Her Action be Right? 

Mary doesn’t know how to pronounce French; but if she chooses to recite French poetry on stages and make money of it, or worse still, if she chooses to TEACH French poetry to others, how right is her action?

If a French poet hears her pronunciation and points it out to her, is she correct in getting angry with him while she has made no efforts in learning correct pronunciation of French? 

If she accuses him of being judgemental, who is really being judgemental here?

Should she not learn and master something before she chooses to teach it to others? 

How can teaching precede learning?

How can teaching make someone an expert, if they are teaching it incorrectly?

It is puzzling and confusing with no answers to these questions.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening in the spiritual, chanting, and Yoga-world today. Samskrtam being scientific could produce completely OPPOSITE effect if mis-pronounced.

Our Second Attempt 

Shanthi brought out her very first digital product, an educational 3 CD set called Yoga-Dhvani in 2014. She speaks about correct pronunciation in that. She made it in such a way that people can repeat it after her, word by word in every tune.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for the listener to learn the chants in all the tunes if they chose to.  

We aim for perfection though it is difficult to achieve, and set the bar high for us, our students and our Yoga-teacher trainees. Yet, we had no program specifically to learn correct pronunciation of Samskrtam.

We are glad we are offering it now.

18 Lessons and at least 4 HRS of Video Training

There may be many courses out in the market that teach you how to pronounce the sounds of Samskrtam language. They may be audio or video training. But this course is very different. 

We understand the 18 lessons through 4 stages. They are, 

1. Unlearn

2. Appreciate

3. Ignite

4. Empower 

1. Unlearn (3 Lessons) - You start from very simple understanding of why the language is called Samskrtam and NOT Sanskrit, how the country of its origin should be called, how the way of life in that country should be called. You learn eye-opening truths and un-learn facts you thought to be true before.

2. Appreciate (4 Lessons) You appreciate through stories how a language and culture are interconnected, not just Samskrtam, but even your own native language, and how it is beneficial to know more than one language.

3. Ignite - (5 Lessons) - You ignite yourself by understanding the power of Samskrtam and its ability to heal your body, mind and Aatmaa (inner being) and unleash your highest potential.

4. Empower (6 Lessons) - You become empowered by learning the correct sounds of the vowels, consonants, how to emanate the correct sounds and by hearing some sample words. You revisit the words learned in the earlier lessons and understand how to exactly say them in the light of learning the sound production. 

Yes, you learn many Samskrtam words as they come in each lesson even before you learn the sound production.

You learn the importance of Correct pronunciation and the dangers of incorrect pronunciation.

NOTE: While learning how to say the words in each lesson correctly, you not only hear pronunciation tips, but also see them in a visual manner. You get lot of opportunity for repeating the words learned in each lesson.

   1. Unlearn ( 3 Lessons)

Lesson 1

Samskrtam and Bhaaratam
Step 1

The Origin, meaning, pronunciation tips, and repetition practice of the above two words

 Video Duration: 6:57 Minutes 

Lesson 2

India and Hindu

Step 1

Explains the Origins of the above 2 words, how to say Hello in Samskrtam, what the real name for Hindu is,  and pronunciation of Samskrtam words of Lesson 1 & 2

 Video Duration: 8:47 Minutes 

Lesson 3

Bhaaratiiya Bhaaratiiyaas

Step 1

How to say in Samskrtam something is “Indian”, 2 other words for Bhaaratam,  general pronunciation guidelines and tips

 Video Duration: 9:45 Minutes 

  2. Appreciate ( 4 Lessons)

Lesson 4

Language & Culture are Intertwined

Step 1

How Samskrtam is my home language and my daughter’s mother-tongue, Saying culture in Samskrtam, meaning of culture, how Samskrtam has all the knowledge 

 Video Duration: 9:52 Minutes 

Lesson 5

Story of Hercules and BhagiirathaH

Step 1

Intertwining of language and culture through stories of Hercules and BhagirathaH, inspiring us that if we set our mind and focus on something, we can achieve it.  

 Video Duration: 4:51 Minutes    

Lesson 6

Be Bi-Lingual and Boost Brain Power 

Step 1

How learning more than one language is easy for kids, the many benefits of it in brain power and overall maturity

 Video Duration:  10:23 Minutes

Lesson 7

Age is Never a Limit To Learning This

Step 1

Whether there is age limit to learning, why it is never too late to learn anything, role of a teacher in inspiring a student 

 Video Duration:  Minutes 

  3. Ignite ( 5 Lessons)

Lesson 8

Samskrtam is Scientific

Step 1

How exactly Samskrtam is scientific and how it helps physically, mentally, and spiritually

 Video Duration: Minutes 

Lesson 9

Samskrtam Improves Speech

Step 1

How learning Samskrtam improves speech and offers full mouth exercise

 Video Duration:  Minutes 

Lesson 10

Mis-Pronunciation is Dangerous

Step 1

How Samskrtam words that are powerful when pronounced correctly can become dangerous when pronounced incorrectly

 Video Duration:  Minutes 

Lesson 11

Proper Pronunciation Heals

Step 1

Chants when properly pronounced bring quick healing to body and mind

 Video Duration:  Minutes 

Lesson 12

Why Samskrtam is a Yogic Language

Step 1

5 Reasons why Samskrtam is a Yogic language

 Video Duration:  Minutes 

  4. Empower ( 6 Lessons)

Lesson 13

Vowels  in Samskrtam

Step 1

Pronunciation of Vowels and concept of transliteration that is used to represent Samskrtam 

 Video Duration:  Minutes   

Lesson 14

Source of Sound Emanation

Step 1

The various parts of the mouth used to produce the sounds  are discussed

 Video Duration:  Minutes   

Lesson 15

PraanaH -Life Force in Pronunciation

Step 1

Sounds that use less life-force energy (Alpa PraanaH) and more life-force energy (Mahaa PraanaH)   

 Video Duration:  Minutes   

Lesson 16

Consonants in Samskrtam

Step 1

Learning to pronounce 5 rows of consonants  

 Video Duration:  Minutes   

Lesson 17

Simple Sample Words

Step 1

A few 2 and 3 lettered words are presented to develop familiarity with  the language

 Video Duration:  Minutes  

Lesson 18

 Revisiting Already Learned Words

Step 1

With the new knowledge of sounds, words learned in the earlier lessons are practiced again  

 Video Duration:  Minutes   

To ensure that you get the fullest benefit from the course and feel confident about your pronunciation, there are 6 BONUSES.


This audio bonus helps you to keep practicing pronunciation whenever you get a little time. It is a compilation of pronunciation audios of all the Samskrtam words used in this training.

Step 1


This PDF bonus helps you to visually see in one place the pronunciation tips for all the Samskrtam words in image format. These images appear as part of the video training for each lesson; but here they are readily accessible for you. You can even print the PDF as a booklet for your reference. 

Step 1


This audio bonus helps you to listen to the entire training in audio format. This means you can listen to it on the go. This will strengthen your pronunciation skills. This is absolutely required, because, you may have to listen to the training many times in order to grasp the contents completely. 

Step 1


This  bonus has assignment questions that provide you accountability to thoroughly study each lesson in order to answer them. It thus ensures that you are not simply going from lesson to lesson. 

Step 1


Step 1

This audio bonus has practice Sessions of vowels and consonants by other students. You can listen to them and hear how they get corrected with respect to their pronunciation. This helps to boost your own practice and progress.


Step 1

Use this group to: 

  • Ask questions
  • Receive community support in understanding the lessons
  • Get answers from Shanthi if your questions are not answered by others 
  • Post your pronunciation recording of vowels and consonants and get feedback from Shanthi.


Step 1

This is not a typical course where you get the CD or video, and you are left to yourself to get motivated, learn and practice. You would then have no way to know if you got your pronunciation right. 

This is a course where you are guaranteed to get your pronunciation right. How? Until you get 100% Okay from Shanthi, you can keep posting your pronunciation recording of vowels and consonants and continue to get feedback from her. There is no limit to the number of times you can post.

  BONUS 8 - 1-ON-1 MENTORING - Quick Action Bonus if You Register Within 23 Hours  of Landing Here

In this special mentoring bonus, Shanthi will personally listen to your pronunciation of vowels and consonants over video chat and give a final feedback. All participants will get unlimited feedback on their audio posts in the private forum; but because this bonus involves personal time, it has restrictions.

Step 1

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