Samskrtam Learning Project


Stage:  Unlearn

Lesson 1 

Samskrtam and Bhaaratam

The Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation Tips, and Repetition Practice for the Above 2 Words

Watch the Video Below:

Video Duration - 6:57 Minutes

 BONUS 1  
For Lesson 1

This audio bonus helps you to keep practicing pronunciation whenever you get a little time. It is a compilation of pronunciation audios of all the Samskrtam words used in Lesson 1.

For Lesson 1

This PDF bonus helps you to visually see in one place the pronunciation tips for all the Samskrtam words in image format. These images appear as part of Lesson 1; but here they are readily accessible for you. 

 BONUS 3  
For Lesson 1

This audio bonus helps you to listen to the Lesson 1 video training in audio format for on the go listening.  This allows you to listen to the training many times to grasp the contents completely. This will also strengthen your pronunciation skills.

 BONUS 4  
For Lesson 1

This PDF bonus has assignment questions that provide you accountability to thoroughly study each lesson in order to answer them. It thus ensures that you are not simply going from lesson to lesson. 

 BONUS 5  
For Lesson 1

This bonus is not applicable for this lesson since practice of Samskrtam vowels does not begin until Lesson 13

Shanthi Yogini

Founder of Yoga-for-Happiness Academy

Shanthi’s Stand is to Stop Misappropriation of Yoga-Science as Mere Physical Practice, and to Reclaim  Yoga-Shaastram's Authenticity as “2 Yoga-Minutes to Happiness” Movement. Shanthi is so passionate about Samskrtam language, which is the Yogic language, that she has made it her home language. Her daughter is the FIRST female in the United States who can claim Samskrtam as her mother tongue. Shanthi and her daughter have been teaching conversational Samskrtam to children, youth and adults.

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