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Susan Jenness

New book by Shanthi Yogini makes an amazing read. Happiness is the Key to Success. I just read through the first bit this morning, and was so ready to embrace the simplicity of such wisdom. Bless yourself today and get a copy!

Susan Jenness, Energy Healer and Yoga-Teacher
Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus, Top 1000 Review

Loved Shanthi’s simple, easy to follow yet proud sharings on meditation as the tool to create deep happiness. Love the wisdom she shared from her father to us the readers. The book is set out in three stages which I absolutely loved because of the clarity and understanding it gives. Great easy and enjoyable read straight through. You’ll want to read it a second time to incorporate the learnings. Loved it.

Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus, Top 1000 Review
Jackie Van Dusen

I love that it is so cleanly written, where everything is right out front and not hidden by a thousand other meaningless words. It's direct and easy to follow.

Jackie Van Dusen , CCH (certified clinical hypnotist) Acorn Cottage Empowerment
Lynda Dyer, Australia

A brilliant concept written in a practical and down to earth fashion. What a fabulous host of messages from the mind and body working together as one to the importance of being happy to achieve success and not the other way around. Great work and a great read.

Lynda Dyer, Australia

Shanthi was my Yoga teacher for a couple of years, and although I didn’t know it at the time, that experience was the beginning of a spiritual journey that continues today. Shanthi’s method for finding happiness through meditation — a twelve step process that is divided into five stages — reminds me a lot of her yoga classes.

As a new yoga student, I wanted to learn lots of poses right away, but Shanthi’s approach was to be patient, take it slow, and learn about Yoga philosophy along the way. As a reader of this book, you might feel impatient and immediately look for the meditation instructions so you can enjoy the outcome of happiness right away. But just like my Yoga class, it doesn’t work that way.

Shanthi compares learning the science of meditation to exploring the ocean. Like the ocean, meditation is vast and deep and if you want real breakthroughs, you have to be willing to reach the ocean floor. It might take a long time — even a lifetime — to go that deep, but every step you take in the right direction is progress toward happiness. Read, enjoy, and practice this and it will become an important step on your spiritual path, just as it has on mine.

Caroline Brown, Technology Writer

Shannon Rae

Shanthi Yogini’s message on Yoga is empowering. As a Yoga practitioner myself who has been doing Yoga for 20 years, I have never really thought about Yoga the way she expresses it- To think about how it is my entire life. It is not what I do in a studio but it is who I am and how I grow from the roots all the way through my entire words. I am super excited to apply all her tools in my everyday life.

Shannon Rae, Breakthrough Consultant
Janani S

It’s one of those books where the author truly conveys the secrets to happiness in a simple and practical way. It offers a detailed guide to one and all treading the path of self-discovery. The book is well structured into multiple parts and with well thought out pause points for affirming and summarizing the core ideas. Overall, an informative book bound to change the way you think and in turn your life.  

Janani S, Architect, Trekker, Nature Lover
Cindy Anderson

Shanthi is 100% Authentic, and passionate in her mission to teach Yoga and all that it encompasses, as a lifestyle. Not for an hour, not for a weekend, but for a lifetime...and that’s why it’s called a practice.

Cindy Anderson, Massage Therapist & Yoga-Teacher Trainee

When I put my hands over my heart center, as Shanthi suggests, I instantly feel a calming sense of relief, which explains what this book provides on a macro level. The gift that Shanthi shares with us is her ability to help us to help ourselves. She speaks from her own experience and shares knowledge she has accumulated over decades.

She also reminds us that we can learn like children (and athletes): with our bodies, not just our minds. Living with integrity is what Shanthi does and what she encourages all of us to do as well.

I really like how she explained about the affirmations as well. Anyone who reads it will get a greater understanding of the true art and science behind it. I also really like how she described the handshake. I have learned a lot reading this book.

Shanthi is a passionate teacher, which makes people want to learn! One of my favorite ideas from this book is: “Don’t postpone your happiness to a future date. Don’t be a procrastinator even in happiness.” It is moments like these that exemplify the joyful nuggets of wisdom you can learn if you open your heart when you open this book. Enjoy!


Mikki del Monico, writer-director, Alto

Suman Sharma

The book gives me hope that clearing even a small portion of my mind of negative emotions can reduce the unhappiness in me, that I don’t have to wait for my entire mind to be cleared, and that every little effort gives me results. I liked the analogy of the dirty mirror.

Suman Sharma, Head of Industrial Product LCM at Sanofi
Cynthia Fontaine

This book is a refreshing, well thought out and clearly explained teaching. Shanthi takes you step by step in understanding meditation and how meditation is the key to happiness. As a practitioner and long-time meditator, this is the first practical, step by step guide I have seen. Meditation can and will change your life for the better! Learn this step by step technology and step into happiness.

Cynthia Fontaine, The RI Psychic~Medium, SpiritGu.Ru, EMP, COG, SPE Practitioner
ML Hamilton, Author

What I found most compelling is her explanation of the difference between modern yoga as a fitness regime and ancient Yoga as a spiritual way of living one’s life. I have never been instructed in Yoga or meditation before, but I found her writing to be clear, concise and easily digestible.

ML Hamilton, Author
Ronit Tal- Shaltiel

This is a great book. Shanthi explains meditation in a clear and simple way taking you step by step for a better understanding of meditation. My takeaways from the book are: How to get happiness and success in life with the help of meditation; Meditation is a way of life, and not a religion. Happiness comes from within, and not out of an outside condition. Don’t say "I will be happy when I do...."

Ronit Tal- Shaltiel, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Where are the Numbers?
Beth Tippett, Rhode Island

I applaud Shanthi for honoring her father and the wisdom he imparted to her through her book which is a guiding gift of truth and happiness. It brings us in touch with the essential truths. The affirmations in the book are empowering. The book is written with a spirit of gratitude for the intelligence and creativity that we all are blessed with.

Beth Tippett, Rhode Island