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Are you ready to SPRING FORWARD in your life?

Would you like my personal mentoring –
my brainpower and my intuition –
working to help you find and make the most of the hidden opportunities in your life?

with me, personally, one-to-one for 60 Minutes at NO COST!

I am setting aside TEN spots in my  May calendar to take
10 committed women on a journey to bigger results –
More health, peace and personal fulfillment.

~ As my Spring gift to you! ~

We’ll uncover your best opportunities
to step forward as the powerful woman that you really are –
making the best of what life has to offer you, and powerfully contributing
to the change you want to see in your life.

In particular, we will:

  • Discover your means for increased health and greater energy so you wake up every day with passion to go about the day.

  • Take clear-eyed look at what’s been in your way, and come up with the best method to move through or around that obstacle right away.

  • Create a clear path from where you are now to where you want to be – with even better results.

It’s time to RENEW
Every day is a new day.

Your Opportunity is NOW.

I have just TWO requirements:

(1) You need to apply now. I can only do these sessions with 10 people – and then they are gone!

(2) You need to be a committed woman who is ready to move forward with new strategies now. 

If this is you –then let’s get started!

(If your concerns or goals can wait for a few months or an year, it is not for you)

Send an email to namaste@yogaforhappiness.com with answers to the following questions. You  will be contacted within 1-3  days to schedule your session if your application is approved.

NOTE 1: You can write as detailed an answer as you wish, so that I can understand your situation better and will be more prepared for our call. Your details will remain private with me.

NOTE 2: I have allocated just 10 slots for May. Please apply now if you’re serious about springing forward in your life. The sooner you send me your answers, the more likely you are to get a session.

Spring Forward! Be Happy!


Yoga Master & Happiness Ambassador

  1. What is your concern / goal in life currently?
  2. What is coming in the way of addressing that concern / reaching your goal?
  3. How is this concern / NOT reaching your goal impacting your Daily life?
  4. What areas are you looking for more mentorship, new strategies and insights?
  5. Are you willing to shift some of what you are doing short term to get more of what you want in the long term?
  6. Where would you want to be, assuming you had the right mentorship and support?
  7. It takes time, energy and resources to build an extra-ordinary life that you truly deserve. Do you have the inner resources and funds available to fuel your inner growth?
  8. What other specific support programs have you invested in the past like coaches, therapists, counsellors, or mentors?
  9. What was your experience with them?
  10. If it didn’t work, why do you think it didn’t work?
  11. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “not at all”, and 10 being “critical”, how would you rate your degree of urgency to significantly improve your life and spring forward by inviting more health, harmony, and happiness into your life?
  12. Is there anything else you would like me to know?
  13. Best times to reach you
  14.  Include time zone
  15. Full Name
  16. Email Address
  17. Telephone number / Skype id