Success, Happiness, Meditation and Yoga are connected. Find out how...

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In BOOK ONE You will learn:

  • The one BIG mistake that is keeping us from feeling positive in life
  • How being spiritual is the ONLY way to be practical
  • The #1 secret to expressing your “Extraordinary Genius Self”
  • The fundamental law of success
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YES! Send Me "BOOK ONE" Now!

Here’s what some of the book readers say… 

Jackie Van Dusen

I love that it is so cleanly written, where everything is right out front and not hidden by a thousand other meaningless words. It's direct and easy to follow.

Jackie Van Dusen , CCH (certified clinical hypnotist) Acorn Cottage Empowerment
Janani S

It’s one of those books where the author truly conveys the secrets to happiness in a simple and practical way. It offers a detailed guide to one and all treading the path of self-discovery. The book is well structured into multiple parts and with well thought out pause points for affirming and summarizing the core ideas. Overall, an informative book bound to change the way you think and in turn your life.  

Janani S, Architect, Trekker, Nature Lover
Cynthia Fontaine

This book is a refreshing, well thought out and clearly explained teaching. Shanthi takes you step by step in understanding meditation and how meditation is the key to happiness. As a practitioner and long-time meditator, this is the first practical, step by step guide I have seen. Meditation can and will change your life for the better! Learn this step by step technology and step into happiness.

Cynthia Fontaine, The RI Psychic~Medium, SpiritGu.Ru, EMP, COG, SPE Practitioner
ML Hamilton, Author

What I found most compelling is her explanation of the difference between modern yoga as a fitness regime and ancient Yoga as a spiritual way of living one’s life. I have never been instructed in Yoga or meditation before, but I found her writing to be clear, concise and easily digestible.

ML Hamilton, Author
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