Open House - Talk to us

Thanks for looking to attend a open house ...


But since we are launching the ONLINE Yoga & Teacher training program for the FIRST time, people like you are having a lot of questions, concerns, fears, and confusion.


So we thought it would be best to talk to you personally over phone so that you understand clearly, the flexibility this program provides and the various options you have.


There is NO obligation to register for the training or even for a single module.


You can talk to Shanthi even if you have questions about your life, something you are going through. She can direct you properly to your next step.


So, please write to "" giving a few convenient times for you and your best phone number. Shanthi will call you in 24 hours. Allocate 30 minutes for this call.


Our first batch of Founding Members will be limited to just 25 people. They get LIFETIME ACCESS to the monthly Q&A calls, and LOT of private time with Shanthi. If you want to be one of the 25, you would want to talk to us.


Even if you don't want to do Yoga-Teacher Training, but want some exposure to authentic Yoga, or go to the next level in Yoga or your spiritual life, or looking for a solution for your problems, DO plan to talk to Shanthi by writing to us. She will give you, your NEXT step that you have been waiting for.


Spots are limited. So grab your TODAY!


Looking forward to your email...

To fix an appointment to talk to Shanthi or for any other questions write to

Schedule Your Phone or Skype Appointment HERETo learn about the various options. It is FREE with NO strings attached...