About Shanthi

Shanthi Yogini

Internationally Recognized Authority on Yoga and Ancient Wisdom


Shanthi Yogini trains aspiring leaders in spirituality and spiritual leadership through Yoga. Her movement called “Liberate Yoga! Liberate You! Liberate the World!" emphasizes that Yoga, meaning “union”, is currently chained to mere fitness exercises and needs to be freed if it has to free the individuals and the world. Shanthi is revolutionizing the world of Yoga through her core message “Don’t DO YOGA, but LIVE and BE YOGA”. Her uniqueness is in making this authentic, pristine and purest form of Yoga suitable to modern busy life through bite sized practices of just 2 minutes. She is called the REAL DEAL by her students. Shanthi and her daughter love to camp, trek and dance together. Shanthi is the author of the #1 international best-seller “Happiness: The Key to Success”. Shanthi invites you to a FREE download of this book at www.HappinessTheKeytoSuccess.com

WOW Radio, The Foundations TV, RI local newspapers, “Ladies Special” magazine of India, Business insider, Natural Awakenings and Vegan magazine are some of the media outlets that seek to feature the deep wisdom of Yoga that Yoga Liberator Shanthi shares, questioning the limited yet popular view on Yoga.

 Shanthi makes authentic Yoga accessible to all through her digital home-study courses, meditation and chanting CDs. Shanthi inspires transformational leaders, Yoga students and Yoga teachers to empower the world by empowering themselves FIRST.

 She uses her 8 module L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E (an acronym) system to teache simple, transformational and easy practices to work on the body, mind and intellect.

 She offers dance performances, story-telling, and high impact, fun, and educational workshops which are: entertaining, interactive, multi-cultural, team building, focus-enhancing, confidence-developing, health- enhancing and empowering all at the same time.

 She offers them in companies, colleges, libraries, schools, senior centers, Yoga & dance studios, and events and festivals.