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From Victim to Victor....

In Shanthi’s own words....

Everyone is talking about transformation and creating your new life. Yet, why is it difficult for people to transform and create a new life?

I now live an empowered life and feel fully in charge of my life, but it was not always so.

I too had difficulty in altering my thinking pattern at a time when I had some negative emotions.

I created stories to justify to myself as to why I should suffer and feel victimized. Those stories did not serve me and I did not live to my highest potential.

Imagine yourself telling your friend why she deserved suffering and why she should feel victimized. Are you then being a friend or enemy to her?

I was acting like I was my own enemy. 

Instead of finding a way out of the negativity, I pushed myself more towards negativity.

I lived in anxiety, regrets and guilt.  

How would a bird feel when trapped in a cage? I felt the same way though I was not physically in a cage. I was free, yet not free.

It was at that time that I used these very same 10 steps and transformed from being a victim to becoming a victor.

What about you?

Do you want to get unstuck and become truly free?

Do you want to stop repeating old patterns?

Do  you want to become your best friend?

Do you want to let go of the past and start with a C.L.E.A.N. S.L.A.T.E.?

Do you desire to take complete charge of your life?

Are you looking for new happiness, inner peace and fulfillment in life?

  Then these 10 steps will help you in that transformation that you are seeking.

A C.L.E.A.N. S.L.A.T.E.  through 10 Steps...

Only if we start each day, nay, each hour with a clean slate, can we hope to live in happiness. If we give our power to the past and allow it to direct our present, we are creating a successful recipe for disaster.

The 10 steps in this training empower you to have a clean slate by the end of the training. You achieve this through C.L.E.A.N. S.L.A.T.E., an acronym for the 10 steps.  

 They are:

1. C-Comprehend   True Freedom

2. L-Look atOur Stories About Ourselves and Others

3. E-EvaluateTruth vs Story in Our Life

4. A-Acknowledge it asA Story with No Judge or Jury

5. N-NoticeTwo Types of Stories

6. S-StudyOur Addiction to Our Emotions

7. L-LeverageThe Power of Repetition

8. A-Aspire toRewire Your Brain

9. T-Terminate Your Stories

10. E-Empower Your Life

NOTE: To help you take practical steps, there are 10 Introspection Instigators BEFORE you watch the videos and 10 Action Activators AFTER you watch the videos. Please work on them without skipping them.

  1. Unlearn ( 3 Lessons)

True Freedom

Step 1

Shanthi's story of attaining true freedom through 8 steps. Her 1st step was "Awareness Mastery"

 Video Duration: 8:01 Minutes   

L-Look atOur Stories About Ourselves & Others

Step 2

What we tell on physical, mental, intellectual, social, financial and spiritual levels

 Video Duration: 4:51 Minutes   

Truth vs Story in Our Life

Step 3

What can be called truth and what is a story? We must clearly distinguish between the two.

 Video Duration: 8:01 Minutes 

A-Acknowledge it as 
A Story with No Judge or Jury

Step 4

Explanation as to why all our statements about events, feelings and thoughts are just stories

 Video Duration: 4:51 Minutes 

  2. Appreciate ( 4 Lessons)

  3. Ignite ( 5 Lessons)


An audio with practice Sessions of vowels and consonants by other students. You can listen to them and hear how they get corrected.


An audio with practice Sessions of vowels and consonants by other students. You can listen to them and hear how they get corrected.


Use this group to: 

Ask questions

Get community support in understanding the lessons

Get answers from Shanthi if your questions are not answered by others 

Post your pronunciation recording of vowels and consonants and get feedback from Shanthi.


Until you get 100% Okay from Shanthi, you can post your pronunciation recording of vowels and consonants and continue to get feedback from Shanthi. There is no limit to the number of times you can post.

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