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I got SO much out of 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga-Teacher Training

Yoga-Teacher Trainee 2016-17

Learn to Practice and Teach Spirituality through Yoga!

Good Karma Every Step of the Way!

Welcome to Yoga for happiness Academy! We offer training in spirituality through Yoga. Spirituality is misunderstood as a practice that denies life. It is thought to be for someone who has no interest in this material world and hence not practical. In reality, spirituality is about living life to your highest potential in all layers of your personality. This is the true way to live life and experience your inner happiness. Why live below your highest potential?

Such a life is possible for you by practicing Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form.  This is Yoga from the "Source", the way it was handed over to the humanity thousands of years back, un-branded and un-modified, as a pure science.

95% of Yoga that you have seen, heard of or practiced may be limited to only physical movement in different forms..... and you may be thinking that Yoga-poses itself forms most of Yoga. It is only a small part of Yoga.

Varieties of students and teachers come here to get trained.

Some want to jump start their Yoga practice in a small way.

Some want to deepen their Yoga practice by learning specific aspects of Yoga such as the language of Samskritam (Sanskrit),  conscious way of eating and cooking, meditation or begin to integrate spirituality in their daily life through Yoga.

Some want emotional healing from past wounds, break-ups and depression. Some are looking for physical healing from back-ache and  other illnesses. They want to lead an empowered life by taking charge of their life through the ancient science of Yoga.

Some want to take on spiritual leadership by becoming authentic Yoga-teachers even if they have a prior certification.

No matter what you are looking for in your life and how you want to serve your community, authentic Yoga is the right practice to get trained in, and Yoga for Happiness Academy is the right place to be in.

Are you ready?

Working with current Yoga-teachers, students, those desiring to become authentic Yoga-teachers, those looking to explore Yoga, deepen their Yoga practice, or to experience spirituality, Yogic lifestyle and culture of India through fun, interactive workshops...

If you want to learn the science of Yoga as a science and NOT as fitness or workout; if you, as a Yoga-teacher, want to become the unique expression of the Divine that you are and express it through your classes; if you want more good Karma and less negative Karma through your practice and teaching; if you want educational fun, then I can help.

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