All You Need is Just 2-Yoga-Minutes to Change Your Life ...

The West has made a few blunders when it comes to Yoga-Science...

1. Making it all about physical movement and profiting from it
2. Making it all about flexibility and limiting its relevance to life
3. Misappropriating, distorting, and diluting the ancient wisdom

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Let us Talk about THAT "Yoga" That Nobody is Talking about...

These days, the word “Yoga” is being linked mostly to fitness technique and flexibility display. 

It is because, this is the way Yoga-Science is being promoted in magazines, books, events, Yoga-centers, organizations and businesses.  In some schools, Yoga-Science is added in the curriculum as part of physical education

While everyone talks about a misappropriated, distorted, and diluted version of the ancient wisdom, no one talks about the complete Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science). Please watch the video that talks about something that nobody is talking about, through 7 myths and truths of Yoga-Science.

Which of These Resonates with You?  

I want to go beyond poses and learn Yoga-Science in its authentic, pristine and purest form (as a lifestyle).


I want to serve my community through  Yoga-teaching. I want to teach this ancient science the right way.  

I am a fitness-based Yoga-instructor  desiring to become a life-style based authentic Yoga-teacher


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Meet our Founder 

Shanthi Yogini, dressed traditionally, is authentic to her roots in more ways than appearance.

She is a Yoga-Master, Yoga-Activist and #1 international best-selling author. She is the founder of Yoga-for-Happiness Academy. Her mission is to pass on ancient Yoga-Science in its authentic, pristine, and purest form.

Shanthi trains “fitness-based Yoga-instructors” to become “lifestyle-based authentic Yoga-teachers" so that they can gain authority and authenticity, feel REAL, and confident, and THRIVE through teaching and coaching.

Shanthi, a former software engineer, comes from a lineage of Yoga-Masters. She has lived a Yoga-way-of-life since birth. She has taught full-time for 17 years, impacting thousands of people from ages 3 years to 85 years. She brings the ancient wisdom of the East suitable to the modern ways of the West through simple 2-minute tools.

She now trains world-class Yoga-teachers, who become Yoga-leaders, Yoga-scientists, and life coaches, helping their students feel empowered, healed, and happy in life.

Shanthi is also a Coach, Eye-Opening Speaker, Multi-Cultural Workshop-Presenter, Healer, Dancer, Storyteller and a Highly Sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show Guest.

our Approach

Authentic Yoga-Science

We teach you authentic, pristine and purest form of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science), yet suitable for modern busy life through bite-sized 2-Minute practices.  For every challenge or aspiration in your life, you have an answer ready from Yoga-Science. 

Below are the highlights of how we present Yoga-Science to you: 

As a Way of Life

You learn to integrate Yoga-Science in every aspect of your life - Eating, Thinking, Breathing, etc. NOT just during specified time on your mat. It is all about mind over mat.

In a Matter of Hours

You learn to integrate this time-tested ancient science into your life in a few hours to create an independent and confident  personal practice to  help you throughout the day.

As 2-Minute Practices

Every practice takes less than 2 minutes. So, it is easy to integrate it throughout the day. Thus, you are always just 2-Yoga-minutes away from your happiness.

Yoga-Teacher Training

Our Most Transformational Training

"Become an Authentic Yoga-Teacher,  Yoga-Scientist & Yoga-Leader  and NOT a Mere Instructor

Let us Together Stop Ancient-Yoga-Science Being Misappropriated as mere Physical-DOING and 

Reclaim its Authenticity as Science-of-LIVING.

Be one of the chosen 1000 to be trained authentically in the next 5 years! Raise the bar of what it is to be a Yoga-teacher! Teach at least 100 students a year. A 1000 of you together can transform the lives of 100,000 students in a year. Is there a greater service than this?

Breakthrough in 2 Hours

In a 2-hour mini V.I.P "coaching" session with Shanthi, I got a lot of guidance, direction, and a major breakthrough in my life. We started sinking into some of the things that were holding me back, things so basic that they affect your whole day, your whole year - finances and food. 

I could implement easy changes in simple steps. 

Julia Fryer

Teacher, Day Care Center, VA, USA

Thanks for Saving my Life 

After my urgent visit to the ER, with a blood pressure (B.P) reading of 214 over 90, Shanthi urged me to  reinvent my breathing process through her “Breathe Right to Live Right" digital program. 

In 3 weeks, my B.P went down by 64 points. One of the most special gifts I received yet, at human level. Thanks for saving my life.

Jansenius Tito Lange Jr

Teen Educator, Visionary,  Florida, USA

It Feels Like a Private Class

 "Yoga-Laasyam" (Yoga-Dance-Story) program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. 

She shows the correct pose along with possible mistakes. Lots of love and care went into making the syllabus for this authentic program ~ a delight to study, learn & grow. 

Joan Novack

RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mass., USA 

Yoga-Science and the Pandemic

The goal of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science) is to unite with one's Aatmaa (Self) and to feel oneness with all of existence. In this divine journey, it provides many side benefits which are very relevant for our current uncertain situation.

---Physically, it builds stamina, strength and boosts our immunity system. So, it prevents us from falling sick easily. In case we do, Yoga-Science enables us to heal back to health.

---Emotionally, it helps quiet the mind filled with any negative thoughts over the uncertain future. Mind being full often results in sleepless nights which cause daytime fatigue. It teaches us to be courageous, strong, and smiling despite uncertainty of life.

---It helps us overcome our fear, concerns, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and depression, and maintain equilibrium during these unprecedented times.

---Intellectually, it brings clarity and true knowledge. This helps us understand that feeling anxious only weakens our immune system and leaves us more prone to illness.

Thus, the benefits of Yoga-Science are far beyond side-benefits like physical fitness or relaxation. Yoga-Shaastram is helping change the lives of several people across the world. Won’t you put this ancient science to your best use?  

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