• Want to stay fit and healthy through Yoga, dance & story?
  • Seeking direction, purpose and happiness in life?
  • Want to heal from past hurts, break-ups & depression?
  • Want 2 Minute Yoga practices to use anytime anywhere?
  • Like to deepen your Yoga practice beyond the poses?
  • Looking to teach Yoga-meditation authentically?

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   At Least 7 Health Issues Began to Fade Away in Just 2 Weeks  (Julia Fryer, School Teacher, VA, USA)

A two hour mini VIP session with Shanthi allowed me to get a lot of guidance, direction in my life, and a major breakthrough in one afternoon. We really started sinking into some of the things that were holding me back, things so basic that they affect your whole day, your whole year - finances and food.

While my friends around me were doing what I was doing, drinking coffee to get through the morning, living paycheck to paycheck, I did not feel like my health or finances were flourishing. I needed a new perspective and someone to be on my team. With Shanthi's ideas and support, we figured out what were the ones that were really hurting me, like eating out and drinking coffee (both of which hurt me and my finances). Something within told me that I needed to seek help and make these changes and Shanthi encouraged me to implement easy changes in simple steps which brought me back to good health. To my surprise, at least 7 health issues started to fade away in just 2 weeks. This was an excellent place to start on my journey and I hope to go far with Shanthi as a guide and a friend.

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My Late Father's Training Taught Me to “Not Just Do Yoga” but “Live Yoga” and it Can Teach You Too!

Sitting next to my Yogini mother, is the picture of my late Yogi father, who never did a single Yoga pose. Yet, he taught me everything about Yoga without calling it Yoga. He taught me about life. He introduced me to Yogis who never did a single Yoga pose.

I feel blessed to pass on this ancient science and art that I learned from my father to you in addition to practicing and teaching Yoga poses.

Without that time spent with my father and mother, the integrated therapies that are unique to "Yoga for Happiness Academy" would not exist.

Thank you, father and mother!
Shanthi Yogini

Welcome to Yoga for Happiness Academy! 

We offer training in integrated therapies of posture, exercise, breath, food, values, affirmations, chants, songs, meditation, visual art, dance, and story which form the science and art of Yoga.

They all blend in seamlessly to offer health, harmony and happiness in life allowing us to “Live Yoga” and "Not Just Do Yoga”.

95% of Yoga that you have seen, heard of, or practiced, may be limited to only physical movement in different forms, and you may be thinking that Yoga-poses itself forms most of Yoga. It is only a small part of Yoga.

If Yoga is a tree, Yoga-poses is just a small branch. These days, even that one branch may not be practiced correctly.

If you want to incorporate many tools of Yoga or YogaH as it is called in the Yogic language of Samskrtam, then this is the place for you.

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