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I got SO much out of 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga-Teacher Training

Yoga-Teacher Trainee 2016-17

My Father's Training Made Me a Leader and it Can Make You Too!

Sitting next to my Yogini mother, is the picture of my Yogi father, who never did a single Yoga pose. Yet, he taught me everything about Yoga without calling it Yoga. He taught me about life. He introduced me to Yogis who never did a single Yoga pose.

I feel blessed to pass on this ancient science I learned from my father to you. The difference is, that I practice and teach Yoga poses along with other aspects of Yoga that he taught.

Without that time spent with my father, this transformational sanctuary for leaders called "Yoga for Happiness Academy" would not exist.

He was a leader, he made me a leader, and inspired me to create more leaders.

Thank you, father!

Shanthi Yogini

Who is a Leader?


Is a leader appointed, recognized or chosen by other people to be so? Should a leader be popular, give speeches from stages, or recognized by newspapers?

NO! A leader is one who is willing to take the responsibility of making a positive impact in this world. A leader is self-appointed. This means, you choose to become a leader if you are committed to making a difference for others. The "others" could be your family members, your children, your colleagues or community members.  The "others" could  also be other living beings in this world. 

Since each person is one's best friend, if you want to lead yourself towards progress and transformation in your life, then you become a leader unto yourself.

If you have decided to be a leader and a role model for others, then you need certain leadership qualities to become part of your being. You need to prepare yourself for that role.

Are you ready to show up as a leader? Then you are in the right place.

Train to Become a Leader through Yoga!

Good Karma Every Step of the Way!

Welcome to Yoga for happiness Academy! We offer training in leadership and spirituality through Yoga. A true leader is spiritual and a spiritual person is a leader.

Spirituality is misunderstood as a practice that denies life. It is thought to be for someone who has no interest in this material world and hence not practical. In reality, spirituality is about living life to your highest potential in all layers of your personality. This is the true way to live life and experience your inner happiness. This is the way of a leader. Why live below your highest potential?

Such a life is possible for you by practicing Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form.  This is Yoga from the "Source", the way it was handed over to the humanity thousands of years back, un-branded and un-modified, as a pure science.

95% of Yoga that you have seen, heard of, or practiced may be limited to only physical movement in different forms..... and you may be thinking that Yoga-poses itself forms most of Yoga. It is only a small part of Yoga.

If Yoga is a tree, Yoga-poses is just a small branch. These days, even that one branch may not be practiced correctly.

Who all come here to get trained?

Some train here to jump start or re-begin their Yoga practice in a small way.

Some train here to deepen their Yoga practice by learning specific aspects of Yoga such as the language of Samskritam (Sanskrit),  conscious way of eating and cooking, meditation or ancient values of Yoga to integrate in their daily life.

Some train here for emotional healing from past wounds, break-ups and depression. Some train here for physical healing from back-ache, insomnia, body pain and  other illnesses. They want to lead an empowered life by taking charge of their life through the ancient science of Yoga.

Some train here to become leaders by becoming authentic Yoga-teachers even if they have a prior certification.

Some leaders train here to become high-impact leaders in their chosen area.

No matter what you are looking for in your life and how you want to serve yourself or your community, authentic Yoga is the right practice to get trained in, and Yoga for Happiness Academy is the right place to be in.

Are you ready to begin your training?

Working with leaders, current Yoga-teachers, students, those desiring to become authentic Yoga-teachers, those looking to explore Yoga, re-start Yoga, deepen their Yoga practice, or to experience spirituality, Yogic lifestyle and culture of India through fun, interactive workshops...

If you want to learn the science of Yoga as a science and NOT as fitness or workout; if you, as a Yoga-teacher, want to become the unique expression of the Divine that you are and express it through your classes; if you want more good Karma and less negative Karma through your practice and teaching; if you want to develop leadership qualities through Yoga; if you want educational fun, then I can help.

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